Cricket Schedule

Date Match Details
Aug 16, 2020
12:00 local | 17:00 GMT
West Indies vs South Africa, 5th T20
Sabina Park, Kingston
Aug 20 - Aug 24, 2020
11:00 local | 10:00 GMT
England vs Pakistan, 3rd Test
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Aug 29, 2020
17:00 local | 16:00 GMT
England vs Pakistan, 1st T20
Headingley, Leeds
Aug 31, 2020
14:30 local | 13:30 GMT
England vs Pakistan, 2nd T20
Sophia Gardens, Cardiff
Sep 2, 2020
18:30 local | 17:30 GMT
England vs Pakistan, 3rd T20
The Rose Bowl, Southampton
Sep 10, 2020
12:30 local | 11:30 GMT
England vs Ireland, 1st ODI
Trent Bridge, Nottingham
Sep 12, 2020
12:30 local | 11:30 GMT
England vs Ireland, 2nd ODI
Edgbaston, Birmingham
Sep 15, 2020
12:30 local | 11:30 GMT
England vs Ireland, 3rd ODI
Kennington Oval, London
Oct 18, 2020
14:00 local | 03:00 GMT
First Round Group A : Sri Lanka vs TBC, 1st T20 (Sri Lanka vs Qualifier A3)
Simonds Stadium, Geelong
Oct 18, 2020
19:00 local | 08:00 GMT
First Round Group A : TBC vs TBC, 2nd T20 (Qualifier A2 vs Qualifier A4)
Simonds Stadium, Geelong

With an excessive amount of cricket being played these days, it’s very hard for people to remain updated with the complete schedule of the upcoming cricket matches. That prompted us to lay the foundation of this website. This is the only cricket website in the world where you can get the schedule of the matches which are scheduled to be played months later.

Most of the active cricket websites/blogs these days are one dimensional. They focus more on the news. As far as the schedule is concerned, they have the minimal focus on that regardless of the fact that it’s the schedule which the cricket lovers need the most. So, we decided to build a schedule oriented website. We cover news as well, but, it’s the schedule which remains our priority.

We provide the schedule of the matches in various ways. If you need the match schedule of a particular month, you can get that from our monthly section and the same goes for the yearly schedule as well. Apart from that, we also provide the schedule format wise or tournament wise. For example- let’s say you need the schedule of only the One Day Internationals or the test matches or you need the schedule of a particular big tournament like World Cup and Champions trophy, you can get that here. In fact, you can download that from our website. However, despite this being a more schedule related site, we concentrate on other aspects too such as news, live score and live commentary. So, as a user, you would be able to find everything regarding the game here. Also, while covering the news, we make sure that we don’t stick only to international cricket. We cover the domestic competitions of the test playing nations as well. In short, we have tried to facilitate the users with a complete cricket website.
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